Terms Of Service

Terms of service

 The agreement for this website for the Terms Of Use sets in motion the basic conditions and terms of all of the services and the products that are made available to you by this specific website. You will be committed to this agreement by having the use of the services of this website. If you in any way, do not wish to abide by or agree with any of the terms of this agreement, then you will not have the ability to access the services of this site. 
 - Agreements and Policies - There are many policies that must be followed before you are permitted the use of these services, and if you agree to these different policies, then you will have access to these services. These policies are Private Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, and Copyright Infringement Policy. 
 - There may also be certain specific services that may require additional terms. An example would that if you decide to create a domain name with this website, then you will need to agree with Domain Registration Agreement. 
- Account Eligibility - When you decide to register for these types of services, you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age or older because these services are only available to those who are 18 years or older. If you accept these services and are found to be under the age of 18 and it was not authorized, then it will violate this agreement. 
- When you agree to these terms, it will be in your responsibility to make sure to provide the accurate, current, and complete information when you are filling out the registration form. You will also need to include an email address that is not the same as the domain name that you create for this website. All of your contact information needs to be correct as well in case we need to contact you in the case of an emergency that involves your account through us. We will not be held responsible for any sort of lapse that may occur within these services. If any of your contact information changes, you will need to be sure and update it within our website so that we have the proper information from you. We reserve the right to terminate your account if you provide us with any false contact information. If you are making a server purchase, you may be required to provide the proper government-issued identification, and you may be required to scan your credit card for verification purposes as well. If you refuse to provide this information, then your order could be denied. 
- You will be the one to take the full responsibility for all of the use of your account, and for any other actions that may take place on your account. Therefore, it is under your own responsibility to keep the identity of your password confidential, as well as any of the other security information to your account. When you are accessing your data and services it will be hosted within the U.S., however, if you are wanting to access these services outside of the U.S., then this means that you are voluntarily transferring your information and you are agreeing that our use, storage, and sharing of your information will be subject to the laws of the United States. 
- Transfers - When you are wanting to move your own website to us, our Transfers Team will make every effort possible to help you with this process. Transfers are considered to be a courtesy service, therefore, there are no guarantees of the possibility, availability, or the time that is required to do so to complete the account transfer. Every hosting company is figured completely differently and these companies save data in an incompatible format, therefore, this makes it very difficult to transfer the information and data. There may be times when we do not have the ability to assist you in the transfer of the data that you require from the old hosting company. Under any and all circumstances, you are responsible for backing up all of your data. 
- Website Content - All of the services that are provided through our website all belong to us, the licensors. Our content from our website, may not be framed, distributed, copied, modified, downloaded, scraped, republished, reproduced, transmitted, displayed, posted, sold, scraped, or exploded for any type of purpose in any way, any form, and any means. 
- User Content - When you are using this website you are allowed to display, publish, upload, store, and distribute information, as well as videos, photos, texts, any other types of content through the services that we have to offer. This means that you are responsible for any and all of the user content and other activities that are through the user website. Our hosting website does not take on any responsibility or exercise any control over your user content. 
- Third Party Providers - We do offer third party products and services as long as they abide by the terms and the conditions of the third party providers. When you are dealing with a third party provider, you should always confirm the terms of any of the purchases and the use of services. All of the transactions that you make with the third party provider is completely under your responsibility and at your own risk. Third Party websites services may have links to other websites that are not controlled or owned by our hosting website. 
- Persons The Are Prohibited - If you have been listed as an SDN (Specially Designated Nationals), or if you are using this website in a sanctioned country, then you will be prohibited from signing up or registering and prohibited from using any of these services that we offer. 
- Account Security - Anything that you install in your account will be left under your responsibility to set them properly and secure them regardless of the type of installation method. Any kind of action that is taken on your account is you, as the user, are responsible for. You could very well become suspended if you are found to be connected to a third party without the proper authorization. Our website authorities may request that you show them documentation that you have the proper access, or authorization, to the third party system or network. If your account receives an abuse report, your account could be terminated as well. If you refuse to delete and remove any content that we see fit to be malicious, then we reserve the right to have your account, as well as your access, disabled. 
- HIPAA - It is in your responsibility for you to have any applicable compliance with any of the federal or the state laws that are governed with your security and your privacy of all of your medical, personal, or any other type of sensitive or personal data. The information and the data that you store on our website is not controlled or monitored by us in any way. We disclaim any service warranties to comply with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. You are not to store and permit access to "protected health information", as it would be defined under HIPAA, for it will be a violation of this agreement and will result in termination of your account. 
- Billing Information - Prepayment - You will need to make sure that your payment information is always up-to-date, and that you make sure that all of the invoices are paid on time. During which the services are provided, you must agree to pay for these services and to do so in advance. 
- Auto-renewal - You will also be continually billed for these services until you properly notify us that you are wanting to cancel these services. This billing will be done automatically and on a recurring basis as well. This is set into place so that you will not have to suffer any disruption to your services. 
- Taxes - Any applicable sales such as taxes, excise, use, sales, or revenue are not included in the listed fees for these services, and will be imposed by any taxing authority. Unless it is otherwise stated, any and all fees are not refundable after they are paid. 
- Late and Domain Payments - You must pay all of your invoices within 10 days of the invoices due date. If any invoice exceeds the 10 days, it could then lead to suspension or even termination of the services, and you will not be able to access your account until your payment is received and your account has been restored. If you still fail to pay your fees, then we will terminate your account and pursue the collection cost and will not activate new packages or new orders. If you do make a late payment your account will not be immediately re-activated, therefore, you will need to contact us directly so that we will be able to re-activate your account and your services for you. When you have decided to purchase a domain, your responsibility will be to notify our billing department. It is not our responsibility to renew your domain, or to notify all of your customers about the renewal of your domain, this is left up to you to make sure and notify them. You will be billed for your domain renewal and it will be renewed within 30 days. 
- Fraud and Disputes - If you, in any way, commit fraudulently when it comes to your credit cards, electronic checks, charge cards, electronic funds transfers, or any other type of payment method, then you will be in violation of this agreement. Our hosting site will contact financial institutions, credit card companies, governmental authorities, law enforcement authorities, and credit reporting services of any type of fraudulent activity on your part. If you feel you have been wrongfully accused, then you have 90 days to dispute these charges, and if you have any questions that you need to ask about a specific charge that has been placed on your account, then it is important for you to contact the billing department on our website. 
- Money Back Guarantee - Reseller, VPS, and Managed shared services- We offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days for any of the VPS, Managed shared, and Reseller services ONLY. If you, in anyway, find that you are not satisfied with any of these services and you decide to terminate your account within the 30 days of signing up for these specific services, then for your hosting you will receive a full refund of the amount that you paid. Any requests that you make for these refunds, must be done so in writing and given to our team. The refund will not include installation fees, set-up fees, or administration fees, and they will not include any additional fees either. If you do not ask for your refund request during the notice and proper time period, then your refund will not be repaid under any type of circumstances. 
- Eligibility For Refund - The only type of accounts that are eligible for a refund is only the first-time accounts. If you have had an account before and decide to cancel it and then for some reason signed up again, or if you acquire a second account, you will not be eligible for a refund. 
- Services That Are Non-Refundable - For any installation fees for custom software, dedicated servers, or administrative fees, there will be no refunds. 
- Cancellation - You will need to give us a written notice if you are desiring to cancel or terminate these services that we provide to you. Prior to the cancellation, you will be responsible for all the fees and charges that you have acquired before the cancellation process. After you have sent us your cancellation request and we have received it, reviewed it, and confirmed all of the necessary information required, we will then in return send you a written form, as well, that your account has been successfully terminated and canceled. If you do not receive any form or email that we have received this information from you, you will need to contact us immediately by telephone. 
- CPU, Bandwidth, And Disk Usage - You can only use a shared hosting space for active email, web files, and the content of User Web sites. You cannot use hosting spaces for storage, and we reserve the right to review any and all shared accounts for excessive usage of disk space, CPU, and any other resources that may cause a violation against this agreement. If we find that this has occurred on your account, you may be responsible for additional fees, have user content deleted, or have the access to these services terminated. Bandwidth allowances have shared servers that are not limited. VPS servers and resellers do not have access to unlimited bandwidth usage. 
- Reseller And Client Terms And Responsibilities - Each and every single client of a reseller needs to comply with this agreement, and the resellers are completely responsible for all of their clients. Our hosting site does not provide any support to any of the reseller's clients. If a client must reach us for any issues or information, then this clients account could be placed on a hold until the reseller can resume the responsibility for this client. Under their reseller account, all resellers are responsible for any content transmitted or stored. Resellers will also be held responsible, by our administration, for their client's actions if they do violate this agreement. All of the resellers, in this program, will also be held responsible for the billing, as well as the technical support, for each and every one of the users that are signed up by the reseller. 
- Dedicated Servers - For your dedicated servers, you will need to be sure and keep an update on your valid email address, as well as your password, this will help any downtime from a forced password reset. We also reserve the right to audit servers as they are needed. We do not back up ANY of the dedicated servers, and it is up to you to maintain any backups. We are also not liable for any loss of data as well. 
- Changes In Price - We also reserve the right to change any charges and prices at any given time. However, we will contact and notify you 30 days before we make these changes. It is up to you to view the billing information periodically, that is provided by us. 
- Coupons - For first-time customers and first-time accounts, coupon codes and discounts are reserved only for them. If there is an account that has violated any of these policies will be viewed in depth by our sales department, and then the appropriate charges will then be added to this account. If you try to abuse the use of the coupons, it can result in suspension or termination of your account. 
- Liability Limitations - Our directors, agents, and employees will NOT be liable to you, or any third person, for any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages from any lost data or profits that may arise from your services. 
- Governing Law - Any type of controversy that may rise up out of this agreement, or the breach of this agreement, will then be governed by the proper laws. 

 - Disclaimer - Any damages that your business may suffer will not be left responsible through our hosting site, and it will be left up to you. 

 - Data Loss And Backups - You are proceeding at your own risks when you use these services, and our backup service runs once a week. This backup service will overwrite any of our previous backups, therefore, it is in your best interest to make sure and backup any information and data that you are needing to keep. Also, we do not backup any dedicated accounts as well. It is under your responsibility to maintain all of the appropriate back-ups of any files or data that is stored on our servers. 

 - Limited Warranty - Every one of these services that are listed within this agreement is only provided as an "as is". Our website, as well as every single employee within it, disclaim any and all warranties of any type. We are not liable for any of the data and the content that is transferred or stored by any of the users through all of these services. 

 - Entire Agreement - This entire agreement, this includes all of the documents, supersedes all of the prior negotiations and the agreements between all of the parties with the respect to the matters. 

 - Agreement Changes - We reserve the right to modify, delete, or even add portions to this agreement at any given time that we see fit. However, before we make these changes, we will contact you 30 days before the changes come into effect. We will also make sure that any changes that are made to this agreement will have a date posted at the bottom of this agreement, to keep you updated on when they changed last. After you have continued to use these services after the agreement changes have been posted, that will indicate that you agree with any of the modifications done to this agreement. 

 - Assignment - You are not eligible to transfer, or assign, this agreement without a prior written consent of our administrative team. If you do attempt to assign this agreement, it will be void of no force, and this agreement is binding. 

 - Beneficiaries Of Third Parties - There is no intention of this agreement to confer any of the rights to any other individual parties other than the direct person, or party, who has provided consent to this agreement. Any of the third party services, that is identified as third-party beneficiaries, will set forth provisions in this agreement.  

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