Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

  We have taken a commitment to protect any and all of the data that we collect that concerns you. You agree to the use of our specific date when you are using our services. We collect it all with the accordance of this Privacy Policy for this data. When we created this Privacy Policy, the purpose of it was to help and enable you to have an understanding of what kind of personal information has been collected of yours. Also, when and how we might need to share or use, any of your information, as well as how you will be able to correct any of the flaws that might be within the information. It also gives an explanation of our information practices that are online, and also the choices that you can make when it comes to the specific way that your information is collected, as well as used. 
About Us  
 We are an online web hosting company that is able to provide cloud-based solutions, registration of domain names, as well as other related services and products, too many businesses non-profit organizations, individuals, and many others as well. To help customers with their technological needs, we are also able to provide a very large variety and range of different services and different products. When you use these services, you have agreed to expressively and freely have given us your consent to export all of your data and your information to the United States. 
Collected Information  
 To help to provide you with the specific products and services that you have purchased, we have collected all of the following types of necessary information, as well as the purposes described below.  
 - Personal Information - Depending on the type of support, sales inquiry, or service, your address, your name, fax number, email address, telephone number, the dates and the types of services that were provided, any history of payments, amount of payments, date of payments, the manner of payments, the domain name, credit card, and any other type of payment information. A security icon will appear within your browser when your personal information is being transferred.  
 - Tracking and Cookies - The term "cookies" refers to the in-built facility within your internet browser, for storing small text files. These files hold all of the necessary information for that will give a website the ability to recognize your account. To save any of your login information, as well as your preferences, our website uses cookies to provide personalized functionality. We will also use cookies to collect, store, and sometimes able to track information for statistical purposes to improve any of the services and the products that allow us to manage our telecommunications network.  
 - Customer Surveys - Often we will periodically conduct customer surveys, and participation in these customer surveys are voluntary. However, we do encourage every one of our customers to help by participating in these surveys because it will provide us with incredibly important information to improve all of the different types of services that we offer, as well as how we provide these services to you. All of your information within these surveys is kept completely confidential. 
 - Social Media - Social media features are also included on our website, and these features may collect your IP address, as well as the page that you are visiting. To help it function properly, it may set cookies to enable this feature. Any and all of these interactions are governed by the Privacy Policy.  
Using Information  
 - Personal Information - Any of the information that we will need to collect from you is used specifically for billing to help and provide service, as well as support, for all of our customers. We may also study this information to be able to determine what the customers' needs are and if they will need any additional support. However, we will take the responsible and reasonable precautions to help and prevent any access to your information that is unauthorized.  
 - Log Files - To track access, analyze trends, administer our servers and our site, and gather a broader amount of information, we use IP addresses. You will not have to worry about your personally identifiable information, IP addresses are not linked to it.  
 - Customer Surveys - We may need to use the contact, as well as other information that is provided, to follow up with any of the customers that respond to our customer surveys, so that they can resolve any issues that arise internally. Customers may be contacted by us by the responses and answers to the surveys. 
Disclosing Any Information  
 - Sponsors and Partners - We have some services and products that are specifically offered to our customers in conjunction with another partner or sponsor, as well as another company or brand that is within our own corporate family. To be able to offer the services or the product for the use of any additional amenities, we may need to share information with these parties. However, we will only agree to be able to share any of your information with third parties, who will then agree to maintain all of your information in confidence. 
 - Service Providers - The third parties that help us to provide our services, we might have to transfer your information to this third party. Our service providers are given all of the necessary information that they will need to be able to perform their designated functions within the site, and they are not authorized, or disclose, any personal information for their own personal marketing purposes. 
 - Advertisements Online - Any individual customers with advertisements are not given any authority to share any personally identifiable information. Only in some cases, we will use the information to deliver any tailored advertisements. Based upon any of the information that we will need to use that we have collected, we may display the advertisement of the intended audience. 
 - Domain Registration - The contact information that you provide to be able to create a domain name, in certain specific jurisdictions, has to be made available to the public. We may need to deposit your information about your Domain Name Registration with a third party provider to comply with ICANN requirements. 
 - Law Enforcement - To enforce and comply with the law, we cooperate with law enforcement and government officials, so that we can protect the safety of a person, or the public, to be able to stop any activity that is unethical and illegal. 
Security of Your Data  
 To be able to prevent misuse, alternations, loss, or any type of unauthorized disclosure of the information that is under our control, we use a unique technical security measure. We use a number of security measures that include electronic, physical, and managerial procedures to help to secure all of the information that we will collect online. We collect any and all sensitive information on a secure server. 
 This specific website is not directed in any way towards children, therefore, we do not seek to collect any type of personal information from children as well. If we find out or become aware that information has been collected from a child that is under the age of 13, we will then take action and delete any of this information from our database. 
Relationships with Resellers  
 We have the authority to collect any information under the specific direction of the reseller, and we have no direct relationships with the individuals who provided their personal data, who were processed by our resellers. If for any reason the reseller suggests that we remove any type of data, we will do so within 30 business days. If you are a customer of a certain reseller and you desire to no longer be contacted by this reseller, then you will need to contact the reseller with whom you purchased services and products from. On behalf of our resellers, we do retain personal data to provide services that are under the relationship, for as long as we need to. To enforce our arrangements, resolve disputes, and to comply with our legal obligations, we will use this personal information if it is necessary to do so.  
Policy Changes  
 When it comes to the Privacy Policy, we reserve the right to modify, revise, or amend it at any time or in any matter. However, if we decide to change how we plan to use the personal information, we will then provide you with an advanced notice and prior to this change in the policy. For any of the most recent information on our privacy practices, it will be beneficial for you to periodically review this page. 
 If you have any type of concerns, or you are needing to contact us for anything, we encourage all of the individuals who are covered by our Privacy Policy, to cover any type of concerns about the way our system processes personal information by simply contacting us or our team of administrators. Our hosting website will do their best to resolve any of the concerns that you might have. We also will participate in the dispute resolution program that is provided. Please contact us if you any further concerns. 


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